International decentralized non-profit educational organization CryptoChicks is inviting everyone to join our hackathon event – CryptoChicks Youth Blockchain Hackathon. This event is held withing Innovation Film Festival in Bern.

We invite young adults age 16-22 who wants to learn blockchain technology from business and technical prospective. Future entrepreneurs, business analysts as well as software developers are welcome. Absolute beginners are welcome!

You will learn with a help of CryptoChicks and our sponsor BlockGeeks :

    • Introduction to CryptoEconomics
    • Introduction to Ethereum and Bitcoin
    • Tokens on blockchain
    • Smart Contracts
    • How to develop decentralized application on Ethereum
    • ERC20, ERC 827 and ERC 721 tokens
    • Basic Solidity course
    • Ethereum for Microsoft .Net Developers
    • How to run your own ICO using ERC20 token
    • How to design effective cryptoeconomics token models
    • How to program using different blockchain technologies and eco-systems

    Don’t know what to expect? Watch this video from our previous hackathon and conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0uZCSUugaY&feature=youtu.be,

    All hackathon participants will get an access to our educational program sponsored by BlockGeeks

    We also invite MENTORS to help our learners. If you are an experienced software developer and would like to help our women to code, please apply

    Apply to sponsor:

    You have a great opportunity to support one of the very first blockchain educational programs for Youth in Switzerland and receive primary access to the young blockchain talent. Get an  opportunity to run an educational workshops for our learners and tell them about your business. Be the first to support our first future CryptoChicks Youth Blockchain Hackathon. This event is held withing Innovation Film Festival in Bern, so as a sponsor you will get exposure to a broad audience!

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